Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Pain and stress- does anyone else have PSA and Lupus?


It’s only been a year since the first signs of the illness has come out and it has gone from bad to worse really fast. I guess I’m lucky they diagnosed it so fast. My feet are in bad shape. The podiatrist says I am having nerve issues along with the arthritis. I spend the whole day hiding the pain from the kids and feel bad unloading on my husband after he worked a 12 hour day. Even though he is understanding I still think he doesn’t fully understand what I’m going thru


I think it takes time for our partners to understand. Ideally your husband will find out a little more about these diseases, not just how they affect you but from information that's out there and others' experiences. People often say it helps if partners can attend rheumy appointments with you. Though for someone working long hours that obviously presents some difficulties. My husband always accompanies me and he's started saying 'we're noticing this', 'we're waiting for that', a bit like when couples say 'we're pregnant', which always gets on my nerves for some reason. But the thing is, he is going through it with me so I'll let him off. If your husband can help you through something, for example making decisions about which drugs to ask about, whether to try for physio .... anything really, then he may be more likely to share in your successes and your frustrations too.

I've not heard of many people with both PsA and Lupus. I imagine that could make treatment complicated??

Hang on in there, it's still early days. And please let us know more about how things go for you.


Thank you. It is has only been a few months that we really found out what’s going on and I think he is struggling with it bc he doesn’t like to see me in pain and realizing this isn’t something that will pass in a few days.

Yes the treatment is hard bc the drugs for lupus can make the psorisis worse and the drugs for PSA will bring out more lupus symptoms. So they have to find a middle ground. Which we have not found one to work yet


The drug conundrum is basically what I thought. So what do you take meanwhile? It's mind-boggling but I guess a good rheumy would see this as a challenge. If you do decide you need to find someone better there's a lot of experience of seeking 'second opinions' on this forum.

It's tough for partners and no mistake. I hope that in time you find that common ground where you can both face the reality sqarely together and bolster each other up too.


Methotrexate. And my Podiatrist just but me on Lyrica to help with the nerve pain in my feet. The rheumatologist dismissed that it was nerve pain and wouldn’t put me on anything. Podiatrist believes it is both The arthritis and nerve pain. I’m also taking Omaprem. It’s suppose to help with inflammation

A second opinion would be great. My rheumatologist basically said this was the only drug that I can take other then plaquenil. Which made my vision go blurry. Please let me know how to go about getting a second opinion. Thanks!