Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Prednisone - healing time info request


So, other than stop being so clumsy, any suggestions for healing bruises? I have them all over my legs, I guess I’m bumping into stuff. Most of them I don’t remember getting, then they appear and last for months sometimes.

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Same happens to me and it’s a good long while, as in over a year possibly, since I’ve been on pred. I’ve no suggestions other than arnica cream. Mostly for me they’re not often sore unless I truly did bump into something and remember doing so, so not a big issue other than marking my skin. And marks on my skin I can live with.



I know topical steroids can thin the skin though I am not sure about prednisone.



Yea me too with them not being sore unless I remember bumping them. sometimes I won’t know they are there until I try to massage my legs or something and feel hurty spots. The others, the random ones all over, are usually green or yellow and don’t really hurt.



Increase of skin blood flow should do it. So, warm baths should speed it up a little. But it will always take time.

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