Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)



Does anyone take Prevagen for brain health? As brain fog can be a symptom of PsA (and I definitely suffer from it off and on) I just wanted to know of anyone’s experience with Prevagen…it’s been advertised on TV a lot lately. I’d do anything safe to lift this fog and give me clearer thinking!


I’ve not heard of it let alone taken it. However, I know you have insomnia … once upon a time I’d teach 200 kids a day on 4 hours kip, probably not very well but I just about knew who I was and what I was doing. But these days I cannot think at all unless I get 7 - 8 hours sleep.

Maybe Prevagen is the way to go for you but possibly tackling insomnia might make a difference too?? I realise that is easier said than done!


Just bumping this up @Grandma_J in case I put others off from replying by deflecting from its main topic …

Is Prevagen a good drug? What is it usually taken for?


From an NBC news article in February 2017, regarding Prevagen;

“The Federal Trade Commission and New York’s attorney general charged a company with fraud on Monday for selling a memory supplement based on a glowing jellyfish protein.”


The best aids for memory functioning in studies so far that I’ve heard about on our national broadcaster appear to be activities in which complex brain functioning is required, there is a social element, exercise, and music (though this is probably most relevant to dementia).

In short, social dancing, preferably with choreographed steps, like latin, ballroom or square dancing. Yeehaaa!!


I’ve never been able to remember choreographed steps :sob:


Well, that sounds like fun! IDK if my feet could handle dancing tho!


Me neither! I was in marching band when I was 13 and couldn’t even memorize the marching steps for a competition. Boy, did I get yelled at!


Nope, I’ve never been good with choreographed steps either! I gather that you can do multiple activities that also fulfil the requirements, they don’t all have to be fit into one! But how lovely that being social is one of the best things we can do for ourselves! :two_hearts:


Me neither but used to love to dance. Singing in a choir is easier though…


Good to know. I had found the Prevagen website and the graph of their one double-blind study was confusing—I wasn’t sure I was reading it right because it looked like the results were very similar between the two groups! So the article confirms that!
Well, back to worrying about my memory problem. I had hoped I could purchase some Prevagen and I’d be cured!
I think I’m having a SE from one of my meds…in conversations I get stumped on names and words more than ever, and it’s frustrating, embarrassing - and scary. It’s like part of my memory has been compromised, although I do remember things I’m told and details of my job, etc… is this just plain old-fashioned brain fog?


If it helps @Grandma_J, I do that more when I’m stressed and fussed than anything else. I’ve always been bad at remembering names etc but can remember all about the the person, if that makes sense. Get me all fussed and it’s like their names disappear into the ether. I do the same with names of films or authors of books etc. And the more fussed I get the more elusive such remembering gets.


Hello, no but I found that addressing fatigue and brain fog with off label use of add medicine. Any common stimulant would probably suffice. I cannot conduct my day without either Ritalin or focalin. It works wonders i would ask your doctor.

Second, I have had sleep issues before Ps a but it is a common problem. Sleep Meds are crucial for me. Even with them my sleep schedule is wacky but at least I get my 8 to 10 hours.