Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

PsA in Strike!


I bought the paperback of the latest J K Rowling “Strike” detective novel last week, and realised I needed to catch up on the story prior to this book. So, I grabbed hold of the TV adaptations and started watching. And tonight in “Career of Evil” one of the characters has psoriatic arthritis! It must be the first time I’ve ever heard it mention in a film or TV drama. I was quite taken aback - are we to assume that Rowling knows someone with the condition?


She surely must do!

I realised post-diagnosis that one of my favourite TV series from way back, “The Singing Detective” also ‘featured’ psoriatic arthritis / psoriasis. In fact the first episode was called ‘Skin’. The wonderful author Dennis Potter had it very badly indeed … he paints a fairly horrific picture of PsA (oh that biologics had been around in his time!).


Yes, they certainly are a game changer - even if they sometimes like to play by different rules from time to time!

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I’m watching old “House” reruns to see if Dr. House finds a cure for us. :slight_smile: