Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Pustular psoriasis on foot?


So last year I had a patch on my foot of what I initially thought might be poison ivy. Very red, very swollen, with tiny blisters. But it didn’t behave like poison ivy other than the blisters and the itch. And the itch was way more extreme than any poison ivy that I’ve ever had. At the same time, I had some blisters on the palms of my hands, just a few. After a month or two of this, I realized that this wasn’t at all poison ivy. It kept almost clearing, then suddenly the patch would be bright red, swollen, and then blisters would appear. I finally got myself to the dermatologist, who suspected pustular psoriasis. As a reminder, I’ve only ever had patches of plaque psoriasis on my knees and elbows, and realistically, it’s one patch on my right knee. This all happened late in the summer last year.

Flash forward to last Saturday. I went to the gym and was suddenly struck with what felt like a fever, and lethargy. I got home, took off my shoes, and saw the same bright red patch in the same exact spot on the top of my foot, and the blisters broke out about an hour later. I’m being much more aggressive this time, now that I know that it’s pustular psoriasis. I’m using clobetasol 2X a day, and using lidocaine to numb up the area. It’s obscenely itchy otherwise.

Anyone have experience with this? I’m thinking that it won’t clear up with a week of clobetasol. So what’s next after this?


dang it @Stoney. that sounds horrible. so sorry. i had a neighbor with the same issue who went years not knowing it was psoriasis. she used to wrap her feet in plastic film. i think it helped the lotion be absorbed. probably not a recommended treatment protocol! hang in there.


Are you going to contact the dermatologist Stoney? I would want to know exactly what to do next given that the effects seem to be more than skin deep. It does sound horrible, hope you can get relief from it soon.


I’m giving it a week of the topical to see if I can get good control. The area has shrunk slightly already, so I’ll see what happens. It’s just frustrating. I’ll also need to talk to my rheumy and let her know. Hopefully it doesn’t require a change in biologic.


Sounds just awful Stoney. I think Sybil is right though, I’d be at least chatting on the phone to the dermatologist this week. Hope it improves though as fast as possible.


Eeew, that sounds awful. I haven’t had pustular, but I’ve had poison ivy, and if it’s anything like that, yiiiiiyiiiiyiiiikes.

Go to the derm before it gets worse and scars, and let us know how things progress.


Already scarred from last year. Somebody may have just scratched it uncontrollably last year. Not bad, just discolored. I seem to be on top of it this time, now that I was aggressive with it right away. In the meantime, I’m just extra fatigued this week. Fun. I actually took two naps on Monday, and have really needed more. Plus I’m dealing with my teenage daughter and her struggles.