Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Restasis eye drops?


My eye docotr wants me to go on Restasis for my dry eyes, my trars break down in 1 second, she said this is causing my blurred vision. Is anyone on this?


I’ve been on it for years. No problem with it at all. I do other things as well to deal with my dry eyes. I can talk to you about that too


I saw my eye Dr a few days ago, and he said I had to try over-the-counter artificial tears (Systane is the common brand here in the US). If those don’t work, he’ll prescribe Restasis. Most insurance companies here require an eye Dr to sign off and say the over-the-counter stuff didn’t work before approving Restasis. After struggling with my eyes the last 18 months, I’m done. I’m willing to do anything at this point. My eye Dr says it’s probably Sjrogen’s Syndrome secondary to the PsA (and pretty common, as most of us here already know), so don’t be surprised if I need the Restasis.


My eye doctor had me on over the counter eye drops for two years now, so should be able to get it approved. Good luck!


Oh yes I was using it for years. Great stuff!! Then I got a diagnosis of PsA and my eyes got drier and the restasis began setting my eyes on Fire! Dr switched me off to Xiidra, a new high $ one that insurance will not pay for unless you have tried restasis first. It burns, but not NEARLY as bad as the restasis, and it’s working.


Went back to the eye doctor today, she took photos of my tear ducts, most of them are gone! The couple that are left, ahe is going to blast out and clean. This is why I have been having inflammation in my eyelid on the left side, their was only 3 ducts barely working. A lot of inflammation.
I am starting Restasis next week, and a cream to kill the mites on my lids, MITES? Creepy crawlies…


Reading up on mites, it may be of interest to people taking immunosuppressant drugs like biologics.
Suppressed immunity

“Some symptoms of mites on the eyelash infestation might not be noticeable in many people. However, people whose body immunity has been compromised are more likely to be infested with Demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis. Such include people living with HIV, patients with leukemia especially children or individuals who use medication that can suppress their immunity (immunosuppressive drugs)”


I thought it was normal to have eye mites…


Ugh. But I always thought it wasn’t that unusual. Makes me shudder though. Poor you Jon.


No! Just no! I didn’t read this this doesn’t exist!


It is, but like candida, a little is benificial, if it becomes a overgrowth then it is bad. You only want one critter per folical, otherwise the lashes will fall out. When the immune aystem is compramised they cannot be regulated.


Oh come on, they are kind of cute!


Oooh that’s not as bad… They’re ugly! Haha but no creepy long legs…

My eyes have been so incredibly itchy since I read this… I’ve known this before and successfully banned it from my mind… so I should be able to do that again…


I have so many things banned in my mind right now. hard to keep track!


They want to do a LipiFlo procedure, to open my Meibomian Glands, of course insurance will not pay for it, because the condition is not life threatening… They want $1,000 for the treatment. Being that I only have 4 out of 20 left on my lower eyelid, and they are clogged, might be worthwhile.


Have you tried daily warm compresses? It can make a difference and it’s virtually free.


I am doing that for the next 3 weeks, then she will image the ducts again to see if we need the procedure. If it is part of the autoimmune disease, they do not recommend the Lipiflow procedure, so I guess I should find out if it is worthwhile.
the new technology, to image the Meibomian Glands is amazing, you can see the die off of the glands. This was either caused by autoimmune or those pesky parasites… Of course the parasites are also tied to the autoimmune condition, just like with plants getting aphids. Here is a interesting article on the procedure, and how the company slashed it’s price on the equipment, we need more CEO’s like this! It helped that he was a Opthamologist, so he wanted to get the procedure out to the patients! I don’t think the doctors would want me to know that the procedure that used to cost $750 wholesale is now $350 for both eyes, I might bring that up when they quote me $1,000! http://optometrytimes.modernmedicine.com/optometrytimes/news/when-cost-dictates-treatment-patient-loses


Hi Jon… yet another thing for you to contend with :frowning_face: … does it ever end?
Here’s an off the wall idea… it might/might not help in your situation but might be worth a try… try resting cold tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes, or using them to wipe your eyes, maybe 2-3 times a day… a vet once told me to do this for a cat that had an infected eye and I have used the idea ever since for any eye problems, from dry to infection with very good results… will it work on issues with mites, I have no idea, my guess would be it wouldn’t do any harm to try it though. If you do give it a go do let us know how it goes for you :smile:


Now would that be the Yorkshire Gold teabag, or the brisk Lipton? :wink:


Haha… I just use whatever is cheapest :laughing: