Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Restasis eye drops?


I vote for green tea!


I’ve heard the tea thing with camomile tea… seems weird that it would work with just any tea?


Actually it’s likely the warm compress idea - loosens the tear ducts, draws out inflammation, and probably helps dislodge the mites. After all, before antibiotics, it was pretty much a mainstay.

A hand towel with warm water placed over the eye probably does the same thing, but the tea bags sound so much more fun! :joy:


Here is the imaging of the glands, the left eye is much worse. Lots of die off.


Hi @Jen75, the vet told me to use COLD tea bags (I guess a little warmth wouldn’t go astray though), but that was for infections in the eyes of cats… I have heard others use it for dogs eyes too… I have used regular black tea bags on animals eyes and my own with good results for various eye issues, including mild dry eye… when my eyes were bad I resorted to dripping the cold tea off the corner of a tea bag directly into my eyes… worked better and longer than any eye drops I tried lol
As I say, it may not be of help in a “mites” situation though, I guess the only way to find out would be to give it a go :smile:


Went to my eye doctor today for a follow up, looks like my meibum oil is turning yellow, she thinks that the glands will clog again, so is starting me on a topical antibiotic to counter it.
I wonder if this is related to my autoimmune disease? I guess suppressing the immune system can increase the parasites.


Guess it might do.


She is not into give steroids, says it can cause cataracts to form. Not many choices. I would hate for them to clog again, it cost over $1,000 to unclog them!


Followed up with my eye doctor, I am up to 14 oil ducts open in the right eye and 12 in the left, up from 1. They were starting to turn yellow and clog, so she put me on topical antibiotic ointment in my eyes, this cleared up the oil. The Restasis is working great! I hardly ever have to use the liquid tear eye drops, as my eyes are no longer dried out.
I made up a new catchy slogan for her business, “Not a dry eye in the house!”

She also found a ingrown eye lash that was growing into my eye! She plucked it out, and I feel much better…


Mites are normal tho it’s icky to think about. Pre-psoriasis I would have minor eye problems & I also was wearing makeup everyday. My ophthalmologist told me to wash my lashes with water-downed baby shampoo as it gets rid of the mites & cleans the lashes really well. Worked wonderfully!