Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Rheumatoid Factor in PsA


Ha ha!! Absolutely!! X❤️


OMG Katie, that is CRAZY GOOD!!! Way better than going through a trial, I’d say! Now you’re getting the real thing. I hope that steroid injection didn’t hurt too bad. My memory is awful–have you had steroid injections before? I never did–is it like taking the prednisone pills only poked into your butt instead? I sure hope so, because prednisone made me feel GREAT!

I’m so happy you will start Humira soon. I think Humira and Enbrel are the two oldest biologics and they seem to work well for a lot of people.

Ugh…you are so ready for Humira! I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to hear more how everything is going! You’re such a positive person and I think you will do well on it! Cheers!


So pleased for you Katie. Really pleased. And there’s simply nothing with meltdowns either. Can’t believe you waited till yesterday to have one though!


Ah that made me smile! ‘Can’t believe you waited until yesterday to have a
meltdown’. I’m generally a very positive person who’s always there for
others but I sometimes hit a brick wall and have to vent. And when I blow,
I blow!! Ha ha!! I’m a Libra- scales of justice and all that, weigh
everything up - and if the balance tips…whoops! There she blows!!


Oh dear @Grandma_J you make me laugh out loud! What a tonic you are!! The vision of getting prednisone ‘poked up my butt’ had me shaking with laughter. But seriously, no the steroid injections don’t hurt me at all (and I’ve had several since diagnosis). They work really quickly and my Consultant prefers them to tablets as they’re less likely to cause side effects and are slow release. One jab lasts about two months, so by the time it wears off I’ll be well into Humira working (hopefully). I believe steroid shots are much more widely used in the UK. I’ve had one directly into my right knee joint too - my Consultant gave it to me first time I saw him as I could barely walk. It was magic! They can be painful directly into a swollen inflamed joint, but he injected a small amount of anaesthetic along with the steroid so I didn’t hurt. He’s a gem! My hospital always use a corticosteroid called Kenalog. Magic stuff. I only had it yesterday and already my pain level has gone down from a 9 to a 5, by tomorrow I’ll be almost pain free, yipeeeee!! :blush:

I should hear soon when the Humira Home Care Team will come to visit me to show me how to inject myself and get started on that. I feel so much better!! Just knowing things are moving ahead.

Bless you and thanks for making me laugh :joy:


Wish I wouldn’t type when it’s obviously too early in the morning for me. Meant to say ‘there’s nothing wrong with meltdowns’!


I knew what you meant xxx


What the …?! I’ve got this mental image - yep, they empty out a bottle of pills and shove the whole lot where the sun don’t shine. We know how to enjoy ourselves in this country!


Ha ha ha!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Oh silly, I worded that wrong! I meant, is there a liquid form of prednisone that is injectable, and not up the *** ! Excuse me, I’m not that stupid!

Ew, I wonder what that would feel like if it were like you two imagined…quite the interesting sensation, I think!


Ha ha I knew exactly what you meant, just my sense of humour, forgive me.
The steroid I get in injection form is called Kenalog xxx


My doc said that it is not uncommon. I also have symptoms of both. Since they are both autoimmune diseases, and effect joints the same way, the only difference was the joints that were effected and sometimes a known underlying case of the skin problems.