Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Rheumatologist in Dallas - Dr. Ho Bing Oei


Must recommend my Rheumy - Dr. Oei. He is wonderful. He’s been super patient, he listens to me. He adjusts treatments based on what I say. He’s been honest from the get go. And he’s proactive in my treatment plan. :slight_smile: His staff is super friendly and he has two different locations - one in Las Colinas (Irving), and one in Bedford.

Another great thing is this practice uses NextMD web portal which allows me to communicate with him same day from work to schedule appointments or ask him questions personally if something comes up. All my labs are accessible instantly to print from home. And their labs are done in-office so you get results quickly.

And his heritage is American-Chinese but he speaks English. He’s super smart, witty, great bedside manor. Very attentive. He has his patients call him Dr. O and his American name is Patrick. (I have NOTHING against people from other countries at all, but I know it is important to be able to understand your doctor and I want people to know that will not be a problem with Dr. Oei.)