Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Skin lesions


Yes, remember, Bob Marley died of melanoma between his toes. Melanoma is from early sun exposure, I think mine started when I was 5 living in Hawaii, we moved from Oregon, that got son a couple times a year, to the tropics, no sunscreen. First week I had water blisters on my face, this where the melanoma formed.
The melanin is what gives the skin color, that is what forms into melanoma, often deep in the skin.
Squamous cell, on the other hand is cuased by mutated cells from over exsposure to UV, any cell can turn, that is why I am so concerned about the area around my previous site, where I got a skin graft from my ear. The surgeon said that even though they got it all, any adjoining cell can turn. The chemo cream is good, because it finds the cancer cells that are not even visible on the surface. This is whatitlooks like every 4 months when I “trim the hedge”: