Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Started Stelara


I took my first Stelara injection. It was scary because it only comes in a syringe. I’ve only ever used autoinjectors for enbrel and humira. I went in the belly and it really didn’t hurt. A very slight pinch at the end but no super burn like the others. I hope this medicine works for me because so far, I’m having no adverse reactions and only 4 shots a year sounds amazing!

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That’s great.

Personally I’ve found the syringes less scary than the auto injectors. Better control, and less violent.

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Good luck!



Yay, so far, so good @Kmwestmo! I hope it does work very well.

I enjoy sticking needles in myself, maybe I need to get out more.



Best of luck with it. Worked well to clear up Psoriasis for me (i get a massive outbreak about every 2-3 years) but did zero for the arthritis. Went back on higher dose of Remicade infusions. I find, for me, if the psoriasis starts up I head to Photo-terapy. I go 3 times per week for only 5 minutes in the “stand-up” tanning booth. I have the approval from my dermatologist for this as well. My best friend who suffered from severe psoriasis, no Arthritis, bought her own bed.



I hate autoinjectors! As Stoney mentioned, they seem (and feel) extremely violent. I was doing injections for migraines for awhile – acute meds to help with an attack, up to twice a week – and found the syringes much, much easier to use. Hang in there, you’ll get used to it, and, if it works, you may fall in love with your syringe! >>>laughter<<




How’s it going on the stelara? Do you have enthesitis or joint pain?



It’s going ok. My psoriasis is about 85% cleared up, so I’m happy with that. My joints have improved maybe 30 to 40%. I am still on steroids and make regular trips to pain clinic for injections. When the injections wear off I’m in a world of pain so the Stelara alone is not going to do it for me. I see my rhumy in January so I will see what she says is next. I’ll let you all know what happens.

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