Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Stelara Stiffness


I’ve had my two starter doses, I’m due for my next shot in mid August. Over the past week and a half, the joints in my extremities have gotten super stiff and tight. I am far less flexible, but I am in less pain overall. My feet feel so tight and heavy, like blocks of lead. Hands are really stiff too and fingers are knobby and hurt to use. It’s really hard to do fine movements with them. My fingers, to my wrists and up my arms to my elbows are one long line of stiffness all connected and pulling on each other. Same with my toes to feet to ankles up front of lower legs and all around my knees.

I am hoping that this is a step on the path from super constant pain to freedom from suffering. Please someone tell me it is. I’ve had no luck with other drugs including Enbrel and Humira.