Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

"Swearing as a Response to Pain"



I knew there was reason for the stream of expletives that emerges from my mouth every time I'm stabbed by the Lilliputians that live in my joints! :)


This is really interesting, Rosen, as only last night I was watching a health programme on TV where a pain management specialist performed a similar 'pain' experiment on the doctor presenter with some quite amazing results.

Firstly they set his baseline pain response by applying an electrode plate to his forearm and heating it to the maximum temperature he could tolerate. Then they repeated the process but asked him to swear and curse, this raised his pain tolerance a few degrees of temperature above baseline.

Next they looked at the impact of odour/scent on his pain response. In the first test he inhaled the smell of household ammonia which resulted in a lower pain tolerance temperature than his baseline. Finally the test was repeated after he had inhaled a pleasant fragrance. This resulted in the highest temperature pain tolerance, way above even that recorded when he swore and cursed.

So maybe when we're hurting we will be able to manage our pain best by fragrancing our environments with lots of lovely fresh flowers, pot pourri, diffusers, fresh brewed coffee, baking bread ..... whatever floats our boats ....... and giving ourselves permission to let rip with a stream of expletives in the name of proven pain management.

I wonder if even using a nice scented body moisturiser or our favourite perfume (aftershave for the gents) might help us to ride out the stormy days.

Would be interesting to hear if anyone has noticed they are better able to cope with pain when exposed to aromas they find pleasant.