Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Thru Hell and back


Hello all,
I think being away from the group for almost a year us reason enough to reintroduce myself.
I’ve been trough Hell and back and then again.
For those who don’t know we have struggled with fertility because of PsA and lost a baby . . I then spiralled into depression, got time off work, started a new biologic which got me crazy sick before it started working again. Then I got overworked and felt like I was dying inside everyday mostly because if the unresolved issue of depression.

Through this all Mr. Warrior stuck by me and supported me and we are still going strong after 15 years. I love that man so much!!!

Diagnosed 5 years ago, suffering since 1985. It’s been a journey!

My family is all afflicted with Pso or PsA or chronic immune diseases to some degree. You’d think I have a good support group however this is not the case. They either pride themselves in livung in pain or hide it altogether. I only have 1 younger cousin who ackoledges the disease and works in not making it the focus of her life. She is doing great and starts her dream job in France shorthly.

As for me, I’m much better now… still working but I’m looking into taking a less stressful and less paying job for my health’s sake… consulted (should do more), started cycling and walking with an out of shape aquaintance who became a friend (Made a friend :slight_smile:). Finaly my mother moved into a retirees resort type of place and I got to sell the estate I was keeping just to keep a roof over her head and drained pretty much all my income.

Got on the waiting list for fertility treatments but made peace with the idea that we may never have children of our own. (I can see adoption as an option now)

My outlook on life has shofted greatly in the past year and I want to be here for those of you who feel like life is only throwing them curve balls. It gets better but ot requires work.

Happy that I’ve made it back and I hope to hear from you all!

The ShyWarrior!


Thank you for sharing, these are all welcome echoes of one common condition.


Shy! So nice to hear from you again. I remember you, but had forgotten some of the details of your hard struggle. Thanks for the sad reminder. :worried: It is great, though, to hear that you are feeling better.

It gets better but it requires work.

This!!! You’re so right, Shy. Anybody who thinks they are going to go to a doctor and get a cure, is sadly mistaken, aren’t they. Getting better does involve a great deal of physical and mental effort. Good for you.

We’re happy you made it through the morass, and you’re back here. We’ve got some great conversations on the go. Join in!

Big hugs



AAAAWW! Thank you for the warm welcome! It’s been a journey but glad to be back!!


I almost bailed in my weekend meeting with my new friend because I didn’t feel like it. I tried to use my period as an excuse like a teenager… but realised that by Friday i’d be better and there’s bo need for me to skip out. Proposed a walk and stair climb instead of our usual bike ride. She agreed! Wow! Feels like I dont reallt know what a friend is. Never got to make a real one. Pretty awesome!!!


Happy you have a true friend! So rare - and we need them so badly.


First I want to give you my sympathy on the loss of your baby. I lost a child to miscarriage many years ago and it was by far one of the hardest ordeals I’ve ever experienced. That loss alone was enough to send you into a tailspin. It makes me happy that you have a partner who is your warrior and champion. (Mine is too. And it means everything!) You are being so proactive, and I am in awe of that. You refuse to give in and give up. Applause and hugs to you!