Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Tiny big pain


I was at work this morning being extremely tired (I think it’s the Stelara shot from last week) and having trouble staying awake… I kept getting this tiny pain in my finger… but it was so overwhelming that I just couldn’t do/think anything… It kept coming for 2 seconds and then going away for like a minute or 2… When I started thinking how weird it was they moved around too my wrist, knee ankle…

Maybe it’s just being tired? But now I’m trying to feel if I’m in pain instead of ignoring it my overall pain is killing me… I just can’t imagine being that good at ignoring pain… Am I that badly connected to myself that I can’t even realise I’m in pain on a day I was trying to focus on what emotions I’m feeling and where in my body I feel them…

Maybe I just started focusing when my pain was getting worse…


Yeah, I know: sometimes pain and how we perceive it starts sounding like an epistemological question. No, I don’t know what epistemology is either. I just remember being in Philosophy 101 and thinking … well, I don’t really know what I was thinking. I learned the word but I never did really figure out what it meant. I do know, though, that pain is part reaction on the part of our nervous system, part perception, part conscious attention. Something I’d like to do is learn a bit more about how to function despite chronic pain. I think I do it fairly well, but I wouldn’t be able to tell someone else how.

There’s an Australian guy, Lorimer Moseley, who is all over the internet and he speaks about how humans perceive and react to pain. Some of the things he says are interesting, but some are way over my head. I can only listen to him for so long and then it’s “I’m so outta here …”

Maybe it is just being tired. Sleep deprivation can give people hallucinations, so why not pain?


Hey there. I too have had roaming pain. I am told that it is fibromyalgia. That is what the Rheumy says anyway. I have read that what possibly could be happening is that due to chronic pain due to inflammation from the psa–something strange happens to the nerves or neurons and they start misbehaving and talking to each other, making noise that is interpreted as pain by our bodies. Just sharing what I have been told by my doctor. I hope it helps.


Hahahahaha! I already quoted you wanting to say my English isn’t THAT good… I love Lorimer Moseley (even though I can never spell his name well enough to find him again) he does a great job explaining pain…

Thanks @Woodworm ! That does make sense… I was thinking it’s probably the fibromyalgia…

Pfff I’m in so much pain now though… It’s a dull global pain… I’ve slept for 2,5 hours after coming home… I’m not really tired anymore… :frowning:


I hate my psychologist for making me feel things… I really hope this is just a coincidence… I also can’t imagine I could actually ignore this… Blegh! I wish I just knew what it was! I don’t want to think about why or how or what I did that caused this… Or if it’s just the weather… Or still from overdoing my crochet 2 days ago?.. Or… Or… Or…


Hey, it just so happens that I have studied episteme and take quite and interest in the subject. lol


I wish I could lie in a tub of ice water with heat pads around all my joints… I’m so incredibly hot! But my joints feel like they are too cold and need heat…


Pain, yes, and where it is can be real puzzling! I had such pain in my chest last night I couldn’t get comfortable. It was in my ribs near my sternum. It felt like I had been punched in the chest. I started getting scared because it was so weird and I started worrying that it was my heart again. I kept trying to remind myself that it could be a symptom of PsA I’ve never had before. I’ve had rib pain on my sides, and mild achiness in my chest and ribs, but not so intense! So, of course, my nerves got the best of me and I couldn’t stop worrying about my heart. What if my stent is clogged up? What if I have another clogged artery? What if??? I woke my husband and told him I might need to go to the ER…this was at 2:30 a.m. I chewed 4 baby aspirin because that’s what you do if you think you’re having a heart attack. You also TRY to remain calm…so, I sat in my easy chair and turned on the TV. Eventually I relaxed and went in and out of sleep, but still today my chest hurts–feels full, otherwise I had a normal day.

It is interesting how we react to pain and how we sometimes let it consume us! And, how, when we’re distracted by things, we can actually ignore our pain–that is, if it’s not too severe.
I have a doctor appointment tomorrow…I’ve been off my statin and beta blocker now for several days because she seems to think the statin is causing the pain and weakness in my legs, and I think the beta blocker is part of the problem (I took myself off the beta blocker). I’m intending to talk with her about an anxiety med…I’ve finally accepted the fact that life with the ups and downs of my health and other interesting things is just too stressful for me most of the time!


Grandma, I’m so glad you are going to the doc tomorrow. I just want you to come back in the evening and say that things are fine and it’s probably that dang PsA.

Like you, I could do without this kind of drama.


Funny you should bring up Lorimer Moseley and Epistemology in the same thread. It brings back a lot of memories from my Jesuit days… Thomas Aquinas (whom I plowed through most everything he read) along with Empedocles (who actually came up with the theory of evolution that Darwin got credit for) wrote “Since the generation of one thing is the corruption of another, it was not incompatible with the first formation of things, that from the corruption of the less perfect the more perfect should be generated” and went on to say “The same thing is true of those substances Empedocles said were produced at the beginning of the world, such as the ‘ox-progeny’, (i.e., half ox and half man.) For if such things were not able to arrive at some end and final state of nature so that they would be preserved in existence, this was not because nature did not intend this [a final state], but because they were not capable of being preserved. For they were not generated according to nature, but by the corruption of some natural principle.” Sounds a lot like Lorimer Moseley. Although its likley he read Aristotle who advanced the theory of abiogenesis life and biological changes could form from non-living “things” I would hope we have advanced from the philosophical to a bit more “scientific” explanations something Mosley lacks. I agree he is hard to listen to for long.


Well TNT, this must be right up there in “tnt’s top ten”. You brought a quizzical smile to my tired face. Sorry I didn’t see it until so late: I’m behind, really behind!

Listening to Moseley, the thought crossed my mind that he was sounding more like a philosopher than a physiologist. At one point I thought he was saying that all my pain was a product of my brain and that if I just were to control my brain … but surely not. I do accept, though, that we have more control over how we react to pain than we think.