Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Today's the day!


Hey y’all!
Today’s the day!! First rheumatologist appointment. Woohoo!! Yeah a bit excited but feeling a bit anxious and relief that it’s finally here!
I’m praying for a confirmation of diagnosis and some kind of treatment plan. If you’re a believer in prayers, please say one for me today. If you’re not, send some good vibes and thoughts my way. Thanks to all.
I’ll update this evening when we get back. God bless y’all!


Hi there @AngieB, all the very best for your appointment today!! Keeping fingers crossed for a result for you today!!!
Waiting for these appointments can seem never ending.


Looking forward to hearing how it went. Hoping it was as useful and beneficial as we are all hoping it will be for you. Good luck.


Hey y’all. Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts my way.
No diagnosis today but we really like the doctor. He seems patient and caring. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions just yet. He ordered xrays and blood work. We haven’t been home long. Blood work was done in the same building. They took 4 tubes! Xrays were done in a building beside the doctor office. The tech got 15 pics that the doctor ordered. He also sent a prescription for pain and inflammation medication in to the pharmacy. I can’t remember what he said it was, but it’s supposed to be better than ibuprofen and easier on my stomach.
He said it’s one dose a day and it will take about a week to feel any difference or benefit from it. When I pick it up tomorrow I’ll update this post with the name of it.
I go back in a month but I can check online for my tests results and I guess xrays also. I’ll let y’all know what I find out hopefully in the next week or so.
Thanks again for all the concern. God bless y’all!


That’s great progress. Your concerns were clearly heard, and the doctor sounds thorough. You may be able to send messages through that system as well.

BTW, since you’re new to the world of rheumatology, four tubes of blood is pretty standard for an appointment when nothing is going on for me. When there’s more questions it’s frequently seven. That goes for my daughter’s rheumy also when she needs specific bloods.


@Stoney hey thanks for the info. I didn’t know that about the blood draws. Wow!! I’d have passed out! Lol
Yes actually it says on the website that I can send messages. I think that’s great too!!
Yes :+1:agree. We felt he was being thorough and not jumping to conclusions. He said he wanted me exclude everything he could first because the numbness I have in my arms and hands aren’t par for PsA. But he felt everything else is characteristic of it. I asked him about a plan and he said this is the first part of the first plan and it’s not the only plan either. We have backup plans, B,C,D ECT. Lol I thought that was a wonderful answer.
So, so far so good! Yay!!


Hi Angie,

I was thinking about you yeserday. So glad you liked the doctor and so glad he’s prepared to give you better pain relief and so glad you go back in a month. And I was just about to say the same as @Stoney, we get used to the number of tubes of blood that get taken at such regular intervals. And having numerous back up plans is always a good idea.

You sure sound like you had a great first appointment. So pleased for you.:grinning:


Well done AngieB!

4 tubes is nothing to worry about, mind you, depends on the size of the tubes! :wink:

I love that your doctor is looking ahead and reassured you that he has a plan plus back-ups. Hearing that always makes me feel looked-after and more confident about the future.


Numbs in your hands and arms can come from a variety of sources. But seeing that I have mild carpal tunnel and mild ulnar neuropathy, and they’re both associated with my PsA, you might do well to see a neurologist and find where the numbness is coming from. I’ll also get some numbness from localized swelling.


My mother-in-law used to call them “vats”. They took 4 vats of blood from me, she’d say.
Oh really? And you’re still alive?!


@Poo_therapy hey awww thank you! That’s so sweet!
I’m pretty excited about going back in September. How often do they usually get blood? I really hate needles! Lol ( I lol because most people see me and can’t believe that, uummm well because I have sleeves plus several other tattoos. BUT tattoo needles ARE very different than doctor needles! unfortunately most people don’t understand that. ) but thankfully my husband holds my hand when he’s with me to get any kind of doctor needles.
I loved it that he has several back up plans!
Yes, I think my first rheumatologist visit was a success. Thank God!


@Sybil hey hun. Thanks for your reply. Lol I really don’t know how big the tubes were. I didn’t look! (See reply above. )
Yes I agree! Although the past two days done me in, I’m hopeful and a bit relieved about the future of my heal after just one appointment.


@Stoney hey there. Thanks for your reply.
Yes I think that is why doctor got so many xrays and blood work done. When I saw the fam doc way back, he said that I have PsA with abnormal nerve sensations. Lol whatever that means. That doctor also done a lot of blood work, Xrays, CATscan and an MRI. The only thing that wasn’t negative is the cat scan. It showed a dark spot on my brain. So got the MRI. It was inconclusive tho. Oh and my thyroid test was on the high normal side. But each one has been since then too.
I’m praying if rhuemy can’t figure out what is causing the numbness, he’ll refer me to a neurologist.


@Grandma_J thank you! I needed that lol!
My granny used to say stuff like that too. Usually just to get a laugh out of me. Lol
I sure miss her!


Hey y’all!
I’ve had a couple of VERY tiring days. Doctor appointment Thursday in Valdosta, which is an hour and a half from where we live. then yesterday it seemed like all we did was drive for several hours. Here there and every where around town and helping our oldest son and his family get some stuff moved to another house. I didn’t lift or move anything. They wouldn’t let me. I just drove and took care of our 3 month old granddaughter. Yes, I was exhausted, beyond exhausted last night! Anyway that’s why I forgot to let y’all know the name of the medication the rheumatologist prescribed me. It is nabumetone 500mg tabs. 2once a day. But I only took one because I have such low tolerance. My plan is to take one a day for a week or so and then go up to 2 a day. Maybe I won’t have any reaction or SE doing it like that. I know I may not feel the full benefits for a couple of weeks but that will be fine as long as I don’t have any problems with it.
Have any one of y’all taken this before?? If so, what if any SE? Feel any benefits from it?
Thanks to all! God bless y’all!


Hi Angie.

I took nabumetone—it’s also called Relafen 500–when I was 40 for plantar fasciitis. It worked really well and I didn’t have any side effects.

25 years later I seem to be more sensitive to meds and I’m not sure how I’d do on it now.

Nabumetone is a NSAID anti inflammatory like naproxen sodium and ibuprofen…for me, naproxen sodium causes horrible pain in my stomach, but ibuprofen does not. IDK what type of NSAID nabumetone is, sorry!

I do hope it works for you and doesn’t give you any trouble!



It depends on what meds you finally get prescribed as regards how often blood tests are needed. Often initially sometimes every two weeks and then once a month and then so on down. Let’s put it this way, prepare for blood tests to be done regularly.

Any you’ve made me laugh, I’d take a blood test any day over even the thought of a tattoo. :grinning:


Sounds like you’re going to be okay. My diagnosis was immediate and obvious. All the doc did was look at my sausage toes, swollen hands, and deformed right pinky finger to know what he was looking at. As with you he did all the precautionary tests, I hope yours turn out to be negative. There really is no gray area with PSA. When it flares you want to crawl under a rock or curl up in the fetal position to feel any kind of comfort. Glad to hear you aren’t experiencing any of that now. Hope you don’t in the future.


@Grandma_J hey thank you for the information.
Good to hear that someone had taken it and it helped. So far I haven’t felt any benefits. However headaches are back and seems I’m hurting worse, especially when first waking up. Headache comes later in the day, after I’ve taken med for the day. Idk if it’s from not taking Motrin or a SE from the New med. And my left jaw up to my ear and eye has been bothering me again too since I’m not taking Motrin every day. Maybe I need to go ahead and up my dose to the two a day like prescribed. Idk.


@Poo_therapy thank you for the information. Yikes!!! Maybe he’ll put me on something that doesn’t require blood tests very often. :slight_smile::neutral_face::open_mouth: my hubby or son will just have to go with me to every appointment lol just in case

Glad I was able to make you laugh. :grinning: it seems strange but until I got my first tatt I was terrified of ANY kind of needle. Since getting tattoos, it’s not as bad as it was before the tatts . I used to would pass out just knowing I would be getting a shot. Yes that bad. Now I just grip a hand (if someone is with me) and close my eyes. Lol if nobody is with me, well I might hyperventilate and tense up every muscle in my body. Lol