Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Today's the day!


Hey thank you @Sybil :blush:
From all I’ve read, researching the ana test results, it would be only a few of autoimmune diseases, lupus the most likely. Actually on the test it says sojrens syndrome (probably misspelled) is indicated.
But doc has noted that I will be having more tests to narrow it down and get a definite diagnosis. Or that’s my hope.
But I do have a lot of the symptoms of fibro but only God knows at this point.
I’ve asked Dr goggle about the muscle spasms and twitches and ECT if it maybe caused by the prednisone. I found it’s unlikely but could be somehow depleting potassium. I’ve increased my potassium by taking supplements and eating/drinking more that has potassium in it. It seems to be working.

I had a crying episode yesterday. Just felt I couldn’t do anything anymore. So tired of being sick and tired and not able to do what I want like before my body decided it hates me. My husband was at work and I was home alone. And he’s been so great! It just worries and scares him. Which I understand, because i feel the same way! I don’t feel like I’m handling it well. Lol I just want to go back to the way I was before! I feel like such a disappointment and let down to my husband and myself.

Sorry I wasn’t planning to having to pity party with this post. Thank y’all for listening/reading. Big cyber hugs to all!!


Hey y’all. Update. Had appointment with the actual doc this past Thurs. He said he had NOT ruled out PsA. And a positive ANA test doesn’t necessarily mean that I have lupus. And actually he’s thinking it may actually be PsA. But he wants the additional blood tests and urine tests to rule out anything else. With the response I had from the prednisone, it makes him think it more than likely is psa. My urine tests were ALL good! Yay! Still waiting on the blood work results. Hopefully it will be done and posted on my account on the patient portal tomorrow.

He said if the blood work is all negative, he’ll call or send electronically a prescription for MTX. He didn’t say anything about what we’ll do if the tests are positive. But he did say they would call me when the results are done.
So I’ll keep y’all posted. Hope and pray every one is doing well and having a good day!


That sounds like progress, and you sound much more upbeat too, I can understand why. Well done for hanging on in there. It’s a battle isn’t it?

It’s early in the morning but so far I’m having a very good day thanks! Let’s hope there are going to be some much better days for you before too long!


What I’m liking is his diligence just ploughing through things to exclude them before saying it’s PsA. I’ve a positive ANA too and for good measure am now positive for RA when I wasn’t initially. I’ve still got PsA though and we’re certain of that.


@Sybil @Poo_therapy thanks y’all.
I’m feeling better mentally but physically is another story! The prednisone sure helped. I didn’t realize how much until a few days after ending that round. The weather here in South Georgia, USA, is now cooler but rainy with high humidity. Ugh. I imagine that isn’t helping with the pain. Good days and bad days right? :confused: yes it is a massive battle! Yes I feel better days are ahead! Praise God!!
Yes, I’m pleased with my rhuemy so far. Just so ready for a definite diagnosis. So I can get started on something that will help me feel better. I’m so ready to go back to work somewhere! But to do that I have to have the energy and lower pain level to be able to continue working once I get a job.
Poo, I’m so sorry for you! RA and PsA?? God bless you hunny! It may turn out that I have both lupus and PsA. Still waiting for the blood work results to know for sure.

Praying for you both! And everyone in this forum! I’ll update as soon as I know. God bless all y’all!


No Angie I don’t have rheumatoid arthritis as well. I just tested positive in the ‘rheumatoid factor’ blood test. Differently thing entirely.


Hey y’all. Update on rhuemy visit on the 8th. Urinalysis was good news. Praise God! I’m confused about the blood test. It isn’t like the other results. No list of the test done. Just a note to the doctor that says “test-ok”
I’ve called and waiting for the nurse or PA to call me back. In the doctor’s visit summary, he said that if the results are negative, he will try me on a round of methotrexate. He told me at the appointment someone from his office would call me with the results and let me know what the next step is no matter the results of the test. But I haven’t heard from anyone. Praying they call me back soon and explain the results.

@Poo_therapy. That’s good to hear and know. Thank God!


Well, if it is PsA that you have, then a lot of blood tests will be negative! As you probably know, there is no blood test for PsA. Unfortunately, or in some ways fortunately, sounds like you may well be joining the club none of us want to belong too. I say ‘fortunately’ though because, as you probably also already know, there are some effective treatments for PsA and it is entirely reasonable to hope for, indeed to anticipate, better days ahead.

Long old journey you’ve been on already. It’s awesome the way you’ve persevered.


And I’d be chasing for that call from his office @AngieB. I never wait for call backs.