Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Trigeminal Neuralgia


Dear All

I am wondering if it is common for people with PsA to have TN in conjunction with this?

My diagnosis of PsA actually start, over 2 years ago and it stemmed from tested for unresolved migrane, fatigue, body pain…

I was given Gabapentin at the time but the pain was break through so I was moved on to Pregablin, which is 4 times stronger…

Moving forward after 5 specialists, 2 Professors later, PET scans, MRI scans, Nuclear Scans and a referral to my Rheumy, I was given a diagnosis of PsA, but with a swelling in my brain due to a loop of a blood vessel in my brain, referred again…to a local Rheumy at my local hospital in Kent, the PRU.

I am sitting here trying to work out the chicken or egg scenerio…is my TN because of the PsA or is the PsA a consequence of everything I have been through…

As I am not currently on PsA meds yet, I am wondering if the when I do if I would be able to drop the Pregablin…after being told by my pharmacist that if I am weaned off, they would not work if I used them again…

So after all this description my question is…is TN common with PsA, as if it is then I would have to accept life long taking of Pregablin…:disappointed_relieved:

Have any of you had persistant TN and when you were given your meds for your PsA did this resolve that too???


Nikki (is does not take much to confuse me these days!!:relaxed::relaxed:)


I’m so sorry you have both! I haven’t heard about a connection before… but im not an expert… I just looked up TN and from what it says I doubt it’s the same thing… maybe talk to your reumatologist about it? And the possibility of taking the drugs your on and adding something for PsA…


That does sound like a different thing Niks. I can’t imagine that being something for a rheumatologist to deal with, but of course I don’t know. Just wondering what is happening specifically with regards to this blood vessel?


Gosh poor you. I don’t know either other than as a autoimmune issue was the PSA just indicative of your body trying to deal with the TN and your immune system then tipped into being silly? Or more likely are you just unlucky to have both?

I’m on low dose Pregablin for anxiety issues. It works a treat for that. Hope things improve for you soon though.