Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Update on Cosentyx


I have been on Cosentyx almost three months. Went to doc last week and he said I was still hurting too much so I am now taking one shot every two weeks. He said for my size (6’5" and 300 lbs) I needed more and he wasn’t going to wait to see if I got better. It has been a week since I took the second shot after two weeks from the first one and I actually feel a little better!

The test is I am traveling this week. I am in New Orleans for a conference and I have been testing out my body by going on a few tours.

Doing well, except for a knee. Doc x-rayed it last week. Sent me an email and said nothing in the x-rays, so he suspects a torn miniscus (old age). I have been down that road twice on the same knee. It will just have to get better, don’t want to do the surgery thing again.

I’ll keep everyone posted. Now doc has to fight with insurance to get them to spring for two a month. $10,000.


Well that is good news! Not about the knee, but a scope operation is not very bad, (as you probably know). Sometimes you can also get spurs that dig into the ligaments. I had a flap tear on my right knee, it would flap and get stuck in the joint, very painful.
That is why Remicade is good, they meter the dose per body weight, makes more sense than a “one shot fits all” approach.
I have to see if insurance will pay for my increased dose of Remicade… So are they normally $5k or is one shot $10k?


Wonderful news, have just read about how cosentyx dosage needs to be adjusted to body weight, so it sounds like your rheumatologist knows what he’s talking about, very happy for you


An update. The Cosentyx every two weeks seemed to be helping, but, I have a little bronchitis now and can’t take anymore Cosentyx until it clears up. As long as I have a fever I have to hold off. Hoping the Keflex will knock this out soon.

Trip to New Orleans went well except my right knee is bad. Doc thinks I have torn a meniscus but says surgery is last option. Maybe it will get better while I am home getting over the bronchitis.


Update on cosentyx, have looked up price in Italy, although National Health provides it free of charge to patients in hospitals, and each injection apparently about 781 euros.
Have broken my hip bone and doctors have suspended methotrexate at the moment as am recovering from osteosynthesis operation, but said am not to interrupt cosentyx. So far, so good, hoping for recovery without having to resort to hip implant, at he moment have three months rest.


I can tell I am three days late on my shot. Doc said 10 days without a fever first. Back to knees feeling like they are full of glass. At least it appears the Cosentyx is working.


For those that started Cosentyx, how long did it take fro you to feel like it was doing something. After the bronchitis, I have had 4 shots and am going into my 8th week. I am having terrible muscle pain in my legs and arms,


Hi Tamac, haven’t had any experience with Costenyx, but if this is new - I’d treat it as a possible nasty side effect and consult with my Rheumy about it ASAP.

If it’s a normal PsA symptom for you, and it just seems like the Costenyx isn’t cutting the mustard, then I guess you need a serious discussion next scheduled appointment.


I can always tell when it’s about to be shot time and I’ve been on Cosentyx for a year. Some joint and muscle pain right before it’s time to call the pharmacist is typical for me. But the rest of the month I’m wonderful! I hope you feel better! And Cosentyx continues to work for you!


Just an FYI to you and others, you may want to look into Novartis Patient Assistance program regarding your costs.

I was just prescribed this biologic by my RA doc but I was skeptical because I have just recently changed my insurance to Medicare Advantage plan. This and other biologics are considered Tier 5, or specialty drugs and copays are 31%, or about $1500 per injection. I looked online at the program and was very surprised to see that I qualified for free prescriptions.

Here is the website: Novartis Patient Assistance Program