Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Upper leg pain


Just don’t beet yourself up, or beet around the bush. Stop me now.

I think we may have hit the Silly Season. I’ve noticed it often happens in Summer. Spring, autumn and winter too actually.


Yes, I went through a period of exactly that. As you said, just where it attached the groin - mine went a bit higher than that as well, making me think it might be a hernia, but I got it checked out and it wasn’t. In the end I put it down to PsA (I now put everything down to that). I think it’s actually a hip thing, or I guess it could be the tendon as you say - as we know tendonitus comes together with the PsA. I haven’t had it for quite a while now thankfully. It went as quickly as it came.


That is the classic area for hip pain, inner thigh/groin pain.
Hope you get some help soon!


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Thanks guys Jon_sparky and Darinfan. I’m too putting it down to PsA. It’s not appropriately responding to hot and cold, anti-inflammatories and painkillers which for me always says PsA. It’s incredibly disabling presently and scream out loud painful if I use it the wrong way. Big poo.


Natural woman - talk to tntlamb - it’s all his fault you got this about beetroot! Certainly it isn’t mine. :slightly_smiling_face:


i dont find any of my joints respond to hot and cold treatments, to be honest. and the groin is a difficult place for that too.


I don’t know if you guys have seen the enthesis site, it is cutting edge regarding enthesis.
It is a must read, they have made a lot of headway with targeting what can be involved in PsA, and it is not just the joints, but the surrounding bone that can be effected.

Here is the write up on enthesis in the hip, they are relating it to AS rather then PsA, but it is interesting and there can be comorbitity with PsA and AS, so my new doctor tells me…

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Thanks Jon. All of my pain comes from the length of a tendon or ligament. Very rarely is an actual joint painful.


Is the ham string always taught? That is how mine is, along with my calf muscles. Interestingly, I was first started on Plaquenil, and after 7 months every muscle relaxed, my chiropractor that was working on me was so surprised, he called it the miricle drug. Then my Rheumy took me off it, said it wasn’t good with PsA, I explained I had no side effects, but she said there is no reason to be on it… So now I am back to pains in my legs. My achellies was so taught that I pulled the muscles last month, could hardly walk.
My US tech thought it was due to tensynovitis, old Rheumy said , FMS, new one said no…


Hello, Seenie! I’m impressed that you even remember me! The mid-foot fusions done on both feet have been successful in eliminating pain from walking, but it’s always something, isn’t it? Now there’s a cyst on the right one that I’m deciding what to do with.

I’ve also had knee replacement and, as I mentioned in my post, some hip and IT band “issues”, which is a generic term for “really bad pain.” LOL! It’s quite a commentary that there are thousands of people who share many of the same health problems who then can commiserate with each other on the Living with PsA website.

I have an appointment with my rheumatologist in September, and I plan to ask him about switching from Stelara (my third biologic) to Otezla. I’ve read that it may be more effective on enthesitis than the others. I think that many of us on this site are half-doctor and the other half medical researcher! I’ve gotten bolder in my personal advocacy.

And how are you? Admittedly, I haven’t been on the website in a while, but life has been going at breakneck speed for me the past couple of years. I hope to visit the site more often because there is definitely something to be said for strength (and comfort) in numbers!

Thanks for all you and the other moderators do by sharing your combined knowledge and personal attention with all of us fellow sufferers. You’re appreciated!

Pam Nelson

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Pam, I have been having a lot of mid foot pain mostly on my right foot, it is a sharp pain above the 3-4th toe in the instep area, I feel it is driven by enthesis but there is a wicked bone spur on the x-ray.
I just got my 4th toe biopsied for possible melanoma, hopefully it is not related to the pain. I get the results tomorrow.
US said ethesis and OA in both feet.
I wonder if cold laser would help with enthesis?


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Your symptoms sound very familiar to me. I had a large hump on the top of my foot where the joints were overlapping. The only treatment was to fuse them. The surgeon used a bone graft from my ankle and four screws for stabilization. Enthesitis wasn’t a factor since it was truly a bone/joint issue. I’m not familiar with laser treatment, but it sure sounds easier than a fusion, especially if yours is a spur. Best of luck to you!


Thankfully neither is either tight or sore. Presently I’ve intense pain whether my abductor muscle meets my groin and also meets just above the knee, which stops me from walking pretty much. When I have to use it I literally cry out in pain it’s so acute. I’m on day 5 of this and getting truly fed up now. GP is putting me on morphine next.


That does sound painful! I had a similar thing with my calf muscles, I was going to a pain doctors appt. and was late, when I realized I did not have my wallet! So ran back to my place, and pulled both the muscles in my calves, couldn’t walk later in the day. When the muscles are tight, they abduct and make the tendon like a violin string, ready to rupture.


Just when everything was going so well, THIS starts up again. I did a gig about ten days ago, and thought I’d gotten away with it - and i would have done if it hadn’t have been for that pesky groin! I have no what the name of the bone is that joins your inner leg to your…undercarriage…but it’s there again. The doc found a small lymph node there but said it wasn’t of any concern - and I seem to have palpable lymph nodes in all kinds of places since I’ve have PsA. not sure I’m getting used to that, but at least am realising it’s relatively normal. I can’t feel the node now, so I’m assuming it went down again in the last few days, but that bone under there burns like merry hell. And it’s hardly somewhere you can try putting voltarol!!!


Pubis bone is it? Or is it the ramus? My ramus on the right side didn’t like me and gave me two stress fractures from doing absolutely nothing other than possibly climbing over a stile to get into a field. The pain though was out of this world and effectively I truly couldn’t walk even a couple of paces without just crying proper tears.

Are you sure though it’s the bone burning and not those big tendons down there instead? Are you on a decent NSAID? That might help since yes putting voltarol there would be more than tricky.


You’re right, it is the ramus. I didn’t know the right name for it. What did they do for your fractures?


Walking crutches/walker for 6 to 8 weeks and coherent pain relief - slow release tramadol I think. And prescribed lots of rest. It was a total bummer as it was late June so I effectively spent the rest of the summer hobbling about doing little I intended to do. I hired a wheelchair so I at least could go some places, progress on either the crutches or walker was far too slow.

Are you sure the burning isn’t the tendon trying to pull off the bone, given the lymph node issue upsetting things? Just thoughts as to why it feels like burning.