Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Video of Prof. Moseley on pain


This guy explains how pain works really well… for me this is the link between mind over matter or “thinking the pain away” by being floaty and lighting insence and what actually happens to make you feel the same pain differently…

I know our pain is actually there and it’s not neurons thinking it’s there… but it does explain why the same pain I had last week hurts me less now when I feel better… Or why I have more pain when I think too much about how everything hurts… Or when I imagine it must hurt to do something over just doing it forgetting about the pain…

Because that part makes me feel like I’m faking it… things I don’t like doing hurt more…

I really hope knowing this will help in managing to do things even though it hurts…


Wow, that sort of explains why yesterday evening when I was feeling so lousy and dumping my negativity on my LWPsA friends, I felt much better afterwards and especially when I got up from my easy chair and starting doing some things around the house (plus taking some Tylenol)…but it is true that there is a mind over matter factor and when the pain isn’t terrible, it can work–I do well when I’m at my job because I’m very busy and can’t spend time thinking about my pain!


Awesome stuff, Cynthia! Where did you find this gem?


Someone in a Facebook group mentioned his name… I was bored so checked him out on YouTube :wink:


I’ve posted it in PsA articles and research. He has several videos so I am going to screen them and add more later. We may even add them to other communities where people deal with chronic pain.

Thanks again