Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

What's the dumbest way you've injured yourself?

I’m in the middle of a particularly bad flare and I managed to put my back out last Thursday. Wow! I’d forgotten how painful that kind of deep intense muscle spasm can be. I’ve been resting and carefully using muscle relaxants (which knock me out for a good 4 hours at a time).

So, here’s my question: what’s the dumbest way in which you’ve hurt yourself? I’ll go first!

I put my back out while pulling on my right shoe. Tag…you’re it!

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What timing! I hurt my low back Christmas shopping yesterday by stepping off a curb. Not a good story.

Feel better :slight_smile:

I carelessly ran out onto our front steps to take the trash out, not realizing the mist was freezing. I lost my footing and flew down the steps, landing with my left foot turned almost backwards. I ended up with a broken ankle. That was almost 20 years ago, and to this day I’m scared to death of icy surfaces and worry myself silly during the winter months that one of our kids or grandkids is going to slip on ice and crack their head open! Yet so far I’m the only idiot in the family that’s ever been hurt falling on the ice. :pensive:

I have two stumbled down the steps incidents and far too many misstep incidents. The worst one in recent history was almost three years ago. I stumbled down front steps and wound up with a bad bone bruise on my foot. I felt like an idiot.

About 15 years ago I was trying to fix a piece of exercise equipment. I was testing out the pedal movements and caught my thumb between it and the machine. Peeled the skin on my thumb back. Eew. Oh, and I couldn’t stop crying because I was pregnant with my first born.

My contribution is falling onto a greenhouse. We had a stepped vegetable plot, like the Incas did only smaller. 'Cos I’d started to walk a little easier I thought I could jump down onto a chair but missed. Was interested to see my wrist impaled on a very large shard of glass. It’s amazing how fast you can run with PsA when blood’s spurting out of your arm. Plus of course any ex-teacher who goes to A&E wearing filthy, blood-soaked clothes with a toe sticking out of their gardening shoes is bound to meet past students.

Fortunately the glass had missed major blood vessels, yay! I also tend to trip over my own trousers … but I still like the flares (jeans, not PsA ones).


You are all making me feel a lot better about yanking on my shoe. I will confess to falling down the last 5 stairs to our basement in the spring. THAT was a shock. Fortunately I somehow managed to miss cracking my head on anything and landed sprawled on the concrete floor. That fall bruised my ego worst of all!

Sybil, I did fall UP the stairs at work one time wearing cuffed tweed trousers. I somehow caught the heel of my shoe in the cuff of the opposite trouser leg and down (up?) I went!

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Cuffed trousers? Respect! They’re a serious health hazard. If I could wear heels I’d be dead by now …

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How about being in an immobilizing sling waiting for a shoulder replacement in a week and figuring you have nothing to lose take it off to help your son split and stack firewood for the winter. Do you have any clue how embarrassing it is when your bicep detaches from your arm and the surgeon asks “what in the Hell did you do now” and “this is going to cost you extra”


I once gave myself a black eye on a pile of bricks under a table. I was looking for the kitten.


I forgot about the time, about 13 years ago, I cracked or broke a rib leaning over a fence rail to pick up our collie puppy. I actually dangled over the rail with all my weight on my ribcage when suddenly I heard a “pop”. It hurt bad for a couple of months, but I didn’t go to the doctor because I knew there’s nothing they can do for a broken rib. So silly!

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Two years ago next month, I did my ten year stupid. My right foot missed the stupid ledge in our walk-in shower. I fell OUT of the thing on my right side (arm and hip).

About two weeks after I started injecting Methotrexate on Friday nights,

I didn’t go through my usual I hear a “shhhhhhhh” noise; do I have it on my clothes; did it not stay on top of my abdomen; did it fall on the floor dance.

No, that night’s weirdness consisted of me drawing the med up into the syringe, pulling the needle out of the bottle, feeling something wet drop on my foot, then panicking, looking down at my foot expecting to see a screaming yellow stain. Nothing there (of course).

Paul watches me do that, says do you need me? I said I dunno but stay there. He said you want me here for moral support? I said yes.

So we watch me pinch the skin on my abdomen, shove the needle in, then push the plunger. The med? LEFT A LUMP!

So we go through five minutes of me saying IT LEFT A LUMP! Is it supposed to do that? and Paul saying I’m sure you’re okay and me saying BUT IT LEFT A LUMP!

I forgot to release what I pinched before I hit the plunger IT LEFT A LUMP while I massage the lump. Lather, rinse, repeat. Paul, by now gritting his teeth, said take your shower and see after that. So I do.

I get out of the shower, I put my fingers down, can’t feel where the lump is or even find the place where I injected. Paul said see?

I messaged my friend, Marguerite, who is a cardiac nurse and asked her if I screwed myself. Once she stopped laughing, she said no.

Some people went out on Friday nights in 2012; I injected forty units of screaming yellow medicine and found new ways of making myself crazy.

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Running into the door at night. Hit my knee and it went from there.

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@Rebel_mom I feel like there’s more to this story!!!

Haha Rebel-mom, tell us more! No need to be embarrassed, inanimate objects often attack me too!

I once fell with both my knees exactly on the edge of the road to the walkway? Not sure what it’s called in English… with the bottom bones not the kneecap… there was nothing on the road to trip on and since I hit the higher part with my knees I didn’t trip on that either…

And once at the train station… there’s a 1cm elevation where there’s a pothole?.. I managed to lose my balance on that and fell hard… Both times my heavy backpack pushed me over the edge… lol

Oh god and all the times I bump my knuckles on everything around me when walking… Especially when they hurt…

ouch! :astonished:

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Broke my left foot stepping on a .5 inch rise to a dance floor a lifetime ago, intending to dance with a girl I liked. Then walked home on it cause I was, to put it mildly, blind drunk. Didn’t go to hospital until the next day.

Broke my right foot a few years later, standing up from a chair. Foot had fallen asleep and kinda folded under my weight.

This… :scream:

oh no! the shame of it!!

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