Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

When is it time to try a new biological med?


Anyone have their nail symptoms slowly start to return after 4 or so years on a biological med? Does this mean my biological med is starting to “fail”. Thanks❤️


Hi Cheryl,
I don’t have the answer to that, but I’ve been on Enbrel four years now, too, and my pinky nails have been changing a little. My biggest problem, though, is my psoriasis, which has been slowly worsening for about a year. I do know that Enbrel isn’t the best for psoriasis, but my scalp has been clear since I’ve been on it, and that was my worst area…what I have now mostly is these little spots popping up all over my arms…
I’m still confident Enbrel’s working for me, but it would be nice to know things will stabilize for us and if it’s just some nail problems and psoriasis, that’s nowhere near as bad as full-blown PsA, right? :wink:


Hi Grandma J!
Yes, it is better than full blown (or blast as autocorrect said) Psoriatic Arthritis. However, it’s way more than fingernails. The worst is neck, shoulder and rib pain. Miserable.
But, found out last week that my Rhuemy’s office has been prescribing 45 mg of Stelara for the last 9 months, instead of 90 mg. She didn’t listen to me about the symptoms coming back. Sooo no wonder my thumb nails were starting to separate from the nail bed!
On the bright side :sun_with_face: I can probably still get benefit from Stelara!
Good to chat with you again! Take care and thanks for the “channel reset” to positive :heart:


Hello, usually after a least a three to six month stent is good enough. Keeping up with how you feel from a daily journal gives good perspective. The tricky part is separating pain from inflammation as the two usually present together. My personal experience is that if my skin is flared i usually experience flares with psa. Flares are quite common so it is hard to determine from how you feel. My personal belief is that even if your blood shows good results that it is possible that the treatment is helping but not addressing all inflammation so I take Meloxicam to try and cover inflammation that might be squeaking by my biologic treatment.

Third, addressing all other symptoms is crucial as all of the other issues make you feel like nothing is workin. Symptoms like depession, sleep, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, pain, psoriasis, and Ps s all effect how you feel.